Agia Sophia Coffee Shop and Bookstore

Colorado Springs Agia Sophia Coffee Shop (2)

Colorado Springs Agia Sophia Coffee Shop

Currently I’m house and pet sitting in Woodland Park, Colorado, just 30 minutes from Colorado Springs. My third day on the job and with the weather at 50 degrees in the Springs, it was time for me to drive down the hill for some Coffee Shop Cruising. Headed towards Old Colorado City, I spied Agia Sophia Coffee Shop, which brought back pleasant memories from a couple years ago.

Located on Colorado Avenue, this little coffee shop has some of the most wonderful edibles, coffee, and a religious-spiritual bookstore. What I love most about this place is the ambiance. Located in a beautiful old building, the classical music is always at the perfect volume level. Upstairs there are plenty of comfy chairs, tables, and books to choose from. There’s also a delightful Russian tea room available as meeting space.

The staff are passively attentive. You hardly know they are around as they clear dishes and tidy up the space. I could stay here for hours….and I have, both today and previous stops. Today I meant to be here for only an hour or so, but looking at the time, I’ve been here over two, going on three. I still don’t want to leave, but it’s such a beautiful day and Old Colorado City is calling my name.

Fresh Coffee and Ancient Wisdom. Sophia.

Join me for a cuppa!

Coffee shop cruising has become a way of life for me, so I’ve decided to share it with the world. 

Through words and images I will bring my coffee shop visits here.  Each one is unique and wonderful in its own way, whether it’s the coffee itself, food, ambiance, people, views, nearby attractions, or conversation.  It’s all about the relationships of these things with each other and a recognition that it we’re all in this thing called life together. 

I’m an observer who has has a passion and genuine love for people and the earth.  Given a chance and with (or maybe without) permission, I will take some photos while visiting my jaunts to share visuals with you. 

After writing that, a man came to mind – Ward Torke.  He owns Torke Coffee, a coffee roasting business in Wisconsin.  When I was in fund raising, I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet with him a couple times.  Much of the pleasure was listening to him talk.  He speaks with gentle grace and exhibits a passion for buying and roasting coffee, and for people. 

I raise my cup of coffee to Ward!