Cowboy Coffee



John Wayne with handpainted silk scarf



Last week I found myself at Frontier Movie Town in Kanab, Utah.  I was alone.  Well, I was there with John Wayne, The Outlaw Josie Wales, and a couple faceless bandits.  I took advantage of the off-season movie set, pulled my bin of handpainted silk scarves out, and began to drape them over these western legends.

John Wayne was the best model I’ve ever had, and of course he shined.  No one can wear a silk scarf like The Duke.  Working with him got me to thinking about how I could employ him in my travels and wanderabouts, and it came to me – “Cowboy Coffee Shop Cruising!”  I called up Tom, the owner of Frontier Movie Town to ask permission to borrow The Duke (I probably would’ve snaked him away whether or not Tom gave me his blessing).  He laughed and gave me the okay.  Then I sent one of my coffee shop cruising mates, Pete, over to the movie set to pick him up.

On a side note, I think Pete needs a “Western Legends” nickname….perhaps Sneaky Pete?

Now that John Wayne has been secured by my partner-in-crime, let the Cowboy Coffee Shop Cruising begin!



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