Inside the Bungalow

Inside the Bungalow courtyard

Inside the Bungalow courtyard

Inside the Bungalow Coffee Shop and Yoga Studio was one of my favorite early morning jaunts in Mesa, Arizona. Actually, it was my favorite place to sip coffee, write, and read.

The very large courtyard has orchid trees planted around it for beauty and shade. On the raised area, there’s running fountain that just completed the feeling of a secret garden.

Located just off the main street area of Mesa, this little hideaway has a lot going on. As the name suggests, it’s a coffee shop and a yoga studio. Carrie and her mother have successfully joined the two concepts to become a great meeting place for the java sippers yoga enthusiasts.

The service is friendly and unobtrussive, with a lot of attention put on what customers want, from soy milk to the selection of delectables.

I miss the courtyard and Carrie!