“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.” -Denis Waitley

“Sundays, quiet islands on the tossing seas of life.” -S.W. Duffield

Dazbog by the Poudre River

;Dazbog Coffee in North Fort Collins, Colorado[/caption]

Poudre River Walk-Bike Trail in Fort Collins

Poudre River Walk-Bike Trail in Fort Collins


Poudre River in Fort Collins, Colorado

Poudre River in Fort Collins, Colorado

Another one of my favorite coffee shops in Fort Collins, Colorado is Dazbog, near Old Town.

When I’m in the mood to journal early in the morning, it’s the place to be. There’s a tiny alcove with east facing windows, right by the door, that I love to sit in. There are two cozy chairs with ottomans – a great place to sit, write, and watch the sun rise over the city.

Located on Cherry Street, the Poudre River Trail is across the street. A great way to end work is to go for a walk along the trail. It’s also the perfect way to become inspired – walk along the trail, skip some rocks in the river, sit in a tree, or even go fly fishing (when there’s enough water).

The staff at Dazbog is very friendly. Sometimes they’re a little intrusive, but for the most part, they’re just friendly.

the Alley Cat…

Early morning at the Alley Cat

Early morning at the Alley Cat

What do you do if you wake up before 3 am and can’t get back to sleep?  If you live in Fort Collins, Colorado, you head over the the Alley Cat Coffee House near the CSU campus. 
The coffee is brewed fresh, by the cup, right in front of you.  The staff is friendly, diverse in all ways, and a pleasure to be around.  They can hold a conversation with you, but will also leave you alone if you are busy and seeking solitude. 
It’s an artist’s haven and feels like a beatnik’s blast from the past.  It’s full of color, flavor, and great music.  This morning I came in with Ode to Joy blasting – what a great way to start a Monday and the week!

The Coffee Shop at Agritopia

The Coffee Shop at Agritopia in Gilbert, AZ

The Coffee Shop at Agritopia in Gilbert, AZ

I was sorting through my photos last night and came across some of Agritopia (www.agritopia.com).  It’s an interesting little community concept in Gilbert, Arizona, near Phoenix. 

I stumbled upon The Coffee Shop and fell in love with it.  I could go there in the early morning, set up my laptop, have a cuppa, and watch the sun come up.  It’s heaven there.  The bakery is also to die for – or was a couple years ago.

Agritopia is a community created by the Johnson family of Johnson Farms.  The idea was to bring people closer together in a small neighborhood-like setting…to have restaurants, shops, and services in the neighborhood. 

Located in the same plot as The Coffee Shop is a wonderful little Farm Stand, which is open now.  There’s also a little family friendly restaurant with the best onion rings – Joe’s.  On the weekends families flock there, dining outside, with their children enjoying the fresh air, burgers, and fries.  Agritopia has dining, coffee, fresh produce, and excellent bakery. 

All of this is located in a beautifully designed neighborhood where cotton was once planted and harvested.   The land and has a rich history to share with you, if you are willing to sit and listen.

Join me for a cuppa!

Coffee shop cruising has become a way of life for me, so I’ve decided to share it with the world. 

Through words and images I will bring my coffee shop visits here.  Each one is unique and wonderful in its own way, whether it’s the coffee itself, food, ambiance, people, views, nearby attractions, or conversation.  It’s all about the relationships of these things with each other and a recognition that it we’re all in this thing called life together. 

I’m an observer who has has a passion and genuine love for people and the earth.  Given a chance and with (or maybe without) permission, I will take some photos while visiting my jaunts to share visuals with you. 

After writing that, a man came to mind – Ward Torke.  He owns Torke Coffee, a coffee roasting business in Wisconsin.  When I was in fund raising, I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet with him a couple times.  Much of the pleasure was listening to him talk.  He speaks with gentle grace and exhibits a passion for buying and roasting coffee, and for people. 

I raise my cup of coffee to Ward!